The Caucus and Our Goals

Why are we here?

The Crime Prevention and Youth Development Caucus was founded by U.S. Reps. Tony Cárdenas and David Reichert, who were joined by charter members Judge Ted Poe and Bobby Scott, to encourage the federal government, particularly Congress, to work toward smart justice reform for at-risk youth and further efforts that encourage violence prevention and youth opportunity. Most importantly, the Caucus encourages evidence-based prevention and intervention initiatives for at-risk youth, understanding that the only effective solutions to this national problem are solutions that are systematically proven to work.

Working with youth to cut down on crime and encourage our next generation is rapidly become a popular and important topic. Too many states are seeing justice and prison budgets spiral out of control. With bipartisan reform happening in deep-red states like Texas and Georgia, the Crime Prevention and Youth Development Caucus will shine light on cost effective ways to create safer schools and communities, as well as ensuring we give our kids the opportunity to succeed. 


Learn about what needs to change in our juvenile justice system